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Humanity out there, beyond security bubble of our comfortable communities. Is not what we're led to believe by those whose careers, wealth or power is based on dependency. There's real talent out there, powerful untapped human potential. To unlock this untapped human capacity, trillions in new wealth, requires a revisioning of the value of the individual. Unconventional Investing is just this.

"It’s not enough to read a book or an economic report, to watch the news or in any other way obtain information about the world out there. To truly know it, one must actually live it directly. And not as some experiment, where you temporarily give up your comforts. Not simply as a thought experiment in comforts of your life. No. You must lose everything, have nothing, struggle your way to something just the same as everyone else. And yes, have that taken from you also. Before you can truly know what life outside in the very real world, for the far greater number of people, is like. More importantly, it is only way to know how much incredible talent and drive is out there. With most of this going so tragically unrecognized, undeveloped and unbenefited from." -From E.M.'s upcoming novel As Rome Burns


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January 04, 2019

Entrepreneurship IS Unconventional Warfare
We’re living in an age of unprecedented change where rapid pace of technological innovation and advancement is impacting every aspect of our lives, families, communities, cultures and societies. Everything is changing, accelerating. Even the rate of change itself is accelerating. Now more than ever before in all human history, we need Leaders.


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January 01, 2020

Postindustrial Economy IS Teamwork

In today’s world of ever greater complexity and competition. It is no longer enough to develop our skills and abilities to contribute and compete individually. We must ever more so, develop ourselves into successfully contributing members of highly functional teams.

"The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind."

Khalil Gibran



Native of San Francisco and father of one, E.M. Burlingame has spent three decades as a leader in the field of multivariate signal processing, as an electrical engineer. with work emphasizing signal processing in telecommunications, media, financial services and algorithm trading. The past five years he has worked as computational scientist and engineer, with research and contributions in the fields of machine learning and AI related to algorithm trading and neuroscience. After founding two Silicon Valley tech startups, four years in China as investment analyst, a year in Europe as executive in the yacht industry, E.M. joined US Army Special Forces at age forty-two. After six years of service in Central, South and Southeast Asia, having completed his undergraduate degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis at Norwich University with honors. E.M. left the active duty military to pursue doctoral studies in Computational Science and Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He’s now a senior research fellow at the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine where he founded and leads the Jason Dawson and Stewart McGurk Brain Research Fellowship, a Next Generation Member of the Society for Design and Process Science, a Member of the International Electrical and Electronics Engineers and a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honours Society. His current research and work are in signal processing, machine learning and AI related to brain health and care, biological awareness, response and threat remediation and algorithm trading and financial services. E.M.s most recent work, in partnership with Vector Law Enforcement Shields, is in designing and developing law enforcement Crisis Threat Diffusion training and testing methods devised from proven advances in modern neuroscience studies.

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